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Artificial Grass Specialists in Palm Springs CA

Synthetic Grass Depot (‘SGD”) is a licensed synthetic grass wholesale/retail distributor. SGD is not a licensed contractor. If requested, installations are provided by D-12 licensed contractors. Limited installation warranty provided by installation contractors. Limited product warranty provided by SGD/manufacturer. All products are 100% USA made.

SGD reserves the right to revise agreements. There is no exact science to measuring a proposed installation area. Proposed installation size measured by licensed professionals is provided with best efforts and practices. Installations may require more product than actual installation area dependent upon job scope, seams and unavoidable waste.

SGD does not warrant and is not responsible for turf damage including but not limited to:

Hot motors and power tools or the like placed on turf; chemical hard surface wash overspray or the like; turf discoloration caused by hard water irrigation overspray deposits; or reflection from sun on windows, mirrors, shiny objects or the like that may melt or damage turf. 



1/4 inch minus roadbase for base layer, compacted to approximately 95%, 1-2 inches thick.

You need 1 TON for every 100SF

Filter or Weed fabric Square Footage based on your lawn.

Not always necessary - depends on your existing weed problem 

Weed Spreader for the infill.

We recommend infill as it anchors and helps stand up blades. 

Ceramic coated green infill sand. 1-2 LBS per square foot of lawn.

Use coated sand for infill.

Leaf rake, stiff broom or power broom (preferred).

To fluff blades before and after infill. 

Seam and Glue Kit.

For seaming sections of turf together. 

Seaming is relatively easy with the proper tools.  

Make sure blades are lined up and going in the same direction


  • Caulking gun for glue tube
  • Seaming Kit (as necessary)
  • 6” Tile Nails to anchor the turf edges. 
  • Utility Knife and extra blades for cutting lawn to fit.