Synthetic Grass Depot (‘SGD”) is a licensed synthetic grass wholesale/retail distributor. SGD is not a licensed contractor. If requested, installations are provided by D-12 licensed contractors. Limited installation warranty provided by installation contractors. Limited product warranty provided by SGD/ manufacturer. All products are 100% USA made.

SGD reserves the right to revise agreements. There is no exact science to measuring a proposed installation area. Proposed installation size as measured provided with best efforts and practices by licensed professionals. Installations may require more product than actual installation area dependent upon job scope, seams and unavoidable waste. 

SGD does not warrant and is not responsible for turf damage including but not limited to: 
Hot motors and power tools or the like placed on turf; chemical hard surface wash overspray or the like; turf discoloration caused by hard water irrigation overspray deposits; or reflection from sun on windows, mirrors, shiny objects or the like that may melt or damage turf. 

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Can I install synthetic turf on my own? Yes. With some muscle, proper tools and know-how.
​Does synthetic turf save me money? Yes. With a synthetic grass lawn, you eliminate the need to mow, fertilize, water, pick weeds or use pesticides on your beautiful year-round green grass. Also figure in the time-savings to do the things you love to do!
Is synthetic turf completely maintenance free? No. To keep your turf looking its best, it does need to be occasionally brushed and cleaned. Please refer to the "Turf Care" information we provide. The more you care for it, the longer it will last and the better it will look.
Does it get hot?As anything in the desert sun does, it will get warm. Spraying it off with water will cool it down. It gets hot as concrete does, but pets still seem to love it even when it is warm. We have observed our own dogs.
Is synthetic turf safe for kids and dogs? Not only is it safe for pets and kids, but it cuts down on grass allergies in both as well. Research shows children have fewer injuries when playing on turf compared to other ground covers. We install at schools and day care centers. Our turf meets all state requirements for safety and when the children are done playing they won't have grass stains!
I have been hearing about lead in turf, is Synthetic Grass Depot turf safe?
​Yes, we have tested our turf and results are available. All of our turf meets or exceeds the Consumer Protection Agencies guidelines for heavy metals.
Can my dog tear it up? If your dog tears up your natural turf and loves to dig, there is always a possibility they will tear up any turf you put down. However it is extremely hard for a dog to tear a hole in the turf since it is so durable and strong. If this does happen you can repair the hole but cutting it out and seaming in a scrap.
How do I clean up after my dog? The same as you would on natural turf. Pick up the droppings and wash off the blades. Some pet stores sell enzyme products that you can safely spray on synthetic turf to help break down particles.
Will it hold odors? Our landscaping turf is made of Polyethylene and does not retain odors if maintained properly. If your turf is not cleaned and develops odors, you can easily rinse with water and a light detergent.
What will I need to buy in addition to the turf? We recommend a sub-base material such as crushed granite no larger than 1/4", infill and possibly extra spikes if necessary. If you seam sections together you will need seaming tape. If you need edging you can purchase any kind that you prefer. Please look over the install pages on this website for information.
What is infill and do I need infill for my synthetic turf?Infill is necessary. We recommend a coated infill sand. Infill is installed between the blades of the turf - usually about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch.
Do I really need sub-base and infill?​For a proper installation, yes. The sub-base material will pack down and keep the ground compacted better than laying the turf down on sand or pebbles. If your soil is sandy it needs to be removed since it will move under the turf. If your soil packs hard and stays hard it can be used after packing. Infill will help your blades stand up better and weigh down the turf. A light colored infill will help keep the temperature down.
How much does sub-base and infill cost?Sub-base can will range from $10-$50 per ton and infill can be $10-$40 per 50 lb bag. Check with you local landscape rock supply companies.
How much of each do I need?Recommended depth of sub-base is 1-4 inches and infill is 1/2 to 1 1/2 pounds per square foot.
What should I look for when I need to seam two pieces together?Make sure the turf is laying the same direction - you will see the way the grain runs. Also make sure that you don't stake down the green tufting as this will give you very noticeable lines where they come together. There are two types of seam tape available at your do it yourself stores. One is a carpet seam tape, either single side or double side (you do not need the seam tape that is heated by an iron), the other is roof flashing tape. Both work well. The carpet seam tape is less expensive but not as sticky. Large seam tape and liquid glue are used in large projects and is not necessary for small landscape projects.
​How often should I use a stake? What kind of stakes do you suggest?We suggest every 1 to 1 1/2 feet around the perimeter. We suggest a 5 to 6 inch stake or nail. Roofing tile nails work well. Galvanized is OK to use, or just steel. You can locate them at most do it yourself stores. If you cannot find 5 or 6 inch, 4 inch nails work well too.
Is there any place I should not install synthetic turf?In front of highly reflective windows tremendous heat reflected can cause melting. This application is not covered under warranty.
Will it fade? No: Our fibers have a UV protection coating and can withstand the damaging effects of sun, heat, wind, snow, and ice.
How long will it last?Our turf is NFL tough and is built to last. It carries a 15 Year Limited Warranty!
How does it drain?Our patented backing allows for water drainage vertically through the in-fill (sand) through perforations.
Will the weather affect the turf? Our desert sun gets very hot, so during midday direct sun the grass may feel hot to the touch. The grass does not retain heat in the shade or darkness like rock does. The turf can easily take even the hottest direct sunlight without damage providing that there isn't any strong reflection or sun magnification through reflective windows.
Are weeds a problem?Periodically a weed will come up, most commonly on the edges near concrete. It is possible to see one come up in a drain hole or seamed area. If that happens simply pull up the weed and spray the area with a little weed killer. It will stop the weed from coming up again and won't harm the turf. Fabric weed cloth can also help.
Can it be installed over concrete?Yes, but since water will have no place to drain, in a few years you might get some mold underneath the grass. If you do get mold, you can just pour common bleach on the grass and it should kill the mold underneath without harming the grass. You can also glue the turf to the concrete if you wish.
​What if I want to remove the grass or take it with me?You can "peel" back the grass and roll it up to take with you. If you want to get underneath it to make an irrigation repair or for some other reason, just "peel" it back. When you are done, just smooth out the material to make it level again and lay the grass back down making sure to remove all wrinkles. Re- secure the grass with new nails. The grass is designed to be removed if need be. Once removed, turn it over and shake out the infill.